Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penny Can

Game: Penny Can
Show: "Cougar Town" (ABC)

Penny Can is a game created by Bobby Cobb on "Cougar Town". The basics are very simple: players throw pennies into a can from at least 10 feet away. Sounds a little snoozy, no? But if you give it a shot (pun 100% intended; it's how I roll), I promise you'll get hooked, just like our favorite Cul-de-sac Crew.

Since the game's inception, the gang has developed some additional funtimey rules.
  • When a player gets a penny in the can, all players yell "penny can" in a high-pitched singsongy tone. If a player sinks a penny while the can is moving, players sing "moving target penny can".
  • If your penny goes in the can but bounces out, it's time for a 'Stache Attack! That means another player gets to draw a mustache on your face. (If you're already mustachioed, you may get a Crazy Brow.)
  • If a "rim shot" occurs, the other players flick your ears. (Ouch!)
  • If your penny spins, you become the meat in a "face sandwich" with two other players until the penny stops.
  • If you sink three pennies in a row, you do the robot and say "penny can" in your most robotic voice.
Adaptations of the game include Ultimate Penny Can and Truth or Penny Can. It's also very easy to turn into a drinking game. (You miss you drink; another player gets a penny can and everyone else drinks.)
    So how do you bring Penny Can into your life?

    Step 1: obtain a penny can. I was lucky enough to have one delivered to me in the mail (for free!) because my friend and I called 1-855-Penny-Can and spoke to Nellie, one of the show's writers. A stroke of good luck, and the Penny Can is glorious in person! The Penny Can is occasionally on sale here for $19.95, but if it's out of stock just grab an old paint can or coffee can to use. If you're feeling creative you can add a label as in the photo above, or personalize it for you and your friends.

    Step 2: get some friends together. Penny Can is most fun with at least 3 or 4 competitors. Ideal occasions? A backyard barbecue, a night at the beach, or after everyone's had a tall glass of wine, beer, or cream soda. I personally brought mine to a work barbecue:

    ... and good times were had by all.

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